On Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:02:18 +1100, Ian wrote:

>On 07:32 AM 25/11/2002 -0600, Matt Pobursky said:
>>I have a registered copy of Opera, and while I like it overall it still
>>renders too many IE-centric webpages incorrectly for me.
>This is known as a "Good Thing" - I want a "Stop whizzy stuff" option in my 
>web browser.

Try Proxomitron (at http://www.proxomitron.org/).

So, what the heck is a Proxomitron anyway? 

Have you ever wished you could turn off some of those fancy new HTML
features your web browser supports? Are you tired of pages filled to the
brim with blinking banners, pop-up windows, and other such aggravations?

Enter The Proxomitron, Re-Writing the web Your way... 

Using special HTML filters, the Proxomitron can transform web pages on the
fly - changing most anything you wish. Speed your browsing by saying
goodbye to slow loading cyber spam and other web-gimmickry. Customize pages
to suit your tastes. Take control of your web viewing, and don't be slave
to some web-master's whims. 

It works with most any browser (not just the big two) and, for starters,
can do the following keen things... 

Stop or limit Pop-up windows 
Control MIDI music and other sounds 
Freeze animated .GIFs - load only the first frame 
Kill most all advertising banners 
Stop Web-Branding and other scripts added by web space providers 
Stop Pop-up alert/confirm boxes 
Remove slow web counters 
Stop web pages and ads from "auto-refreshing" 
Remove Dynamic HTML 
Prevent getting stuck in someone's frames 
Remove frames or tables altogether for that matter 
Kill or change selected Java scripts and applets 
Add your own scripts to pages! 
Remove or replace web page and/or table background images 
Stop Status bar scrollers 
Unhide URLs obscured by status line text 
Convert blinking text to bold 
Remove Layers and Style sheets 
Automatically re-write or redirect URLs 
Create lists of sites to block or allow 
Create similar lists for just about anything else 
And as they say, much, much more... 
All features can be individually toggled on and off, or limited to specific
sites. Better yet, it's just a taste of what the many included filtering
rules can do. You have the freedom to modify the rules or create new,
equally powerful, rules of your own! You can add filters or complete
configurations created by other Proxomitron users for an ever expaning
array of tasks. 

Cheers, Terry.

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