I didn't get a brochere, but I did get an email that contained the following
offers that expire Dec 31st. Some of them seem similar to what you received,
but there appear to be some that are different, with different prices. While
I would guess that this offer went out to all registered Protel and DXP
owners (licensees), I will copy it here on the chance that it did not, or
that there are users out there that may be contemplating buying their own

Respecting the last comment above, I know someone that just bought P99SE and
DXP at a substantial discount due to the fact that he had an old OrCAD
Capture License that he was thinking about upgrading, so anyone thinking
about buying anything from Protel / Altium might want to look at "OFFER 1"
below very carefully, as you may save a few sheckles on purchacing P99SE or
DXP. You may even be able to combine "OFFER 1" with some of the other

I would strongly recommend to anyone or any company who is a new Altium /
Protel customer thinking of buying DXP, to make sure that they get Protel 99
SE for free in the deal, since it may be hard for you learn to drive DXP or
to hire someone with DXP experience, whereas it is much easier to drive
Protel 99 SE or hire someone with Protel 99 SE experience, while both you
and Altium / Protel are comming up to speed on DXP.


* * * * * * * * * *

The "Subject" heading of the email was "Last chance to save on Protel, P-CAD
and nVisage", and the body of the text was as follows:

There has never been a better time to start designing with Altium's
comprehensive design systems. Before December 31st, you can take advantage
of a range of exiting offers that will put you at the leading edge in 2003.
Offers are available on the following products:

Protel DXP - Complete board-level design system
P-CAD 2002 - Specialized board layout tools for PCB professionals
nVisage DXP - Multi-dimensional design capture and verification system

OFFER 1 - Up to 50% discount on new licenses
Replace your current board design package with Protel DXP or P-CAD 2002 and
save up to 50%.
Visit http://www.altium.com/products/specialoffers.htm

OFFER 2 - nVisage 'Buy and Try' offer
Upgrade from any eligible schematic entry package to nVisage DXP for just
$995* (retail value $2,995*). Along with complete design capture and
verification capabilities, take advantage of an extended 90-day money-back
guarantee! Visit http://www.nvisage.com/switch/index.html

OFFER 3 - Protel '2-for-1' offer
Purchase a new Protel DXP license and upgrade your Protel full suite or
eligible competing design system to Protel DXP free of charge (save up to
$3,995*). Visit http://www.protel.com/specialoffers/dxpupgrade.htm

OFFER 4 - Protel 99 SE to DXP migration pack
If you are not ready to upgrade to Windows XP/2000 and are using Windows NT,
98 or 95, don't let your older operating system hold you back! Start
designing with Protel 99 SE today and receive a free upgrade to Protel DXP.
Visit http://www.protel.com/migration/

OFFER 5 - Protel 99 'XTRA'
A limited budget need not be a barrier to professional design results. With
the Protel 99 'XTRA' pack you get Protel 99 SE Schematic, PCB and the
shape-based autorouter for just $4,995*.
Visit http://www.protel.com/protel99xtra/

These offers are strictly limited to December 31st, 2002. So contact your
local Altium Sales and Support Center today at 858-485-4600 or at
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and find out how Altium can make electronics design
easier for you in 2003!

* * * * * * * * * *

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From: "Bagotronix Tech Support" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 11:11 AM
Subject: [PEDA] Altium offers

> Hello, all:
> I just got a brochure from Altium with all their *limited time only* new
> upgrade offers.  I see that they are offering (until Dec. 31, 2002):
> 1) new Protel DXP for $7995
> 2) new Protel 99SE with free upgrade to DXP as soon as you change your OS
> from Win98/NT to 2000/XP, for $7995
> 3) new Protel DXP '2 for 1' for $7995 to users of full Protel suite or
> eligible competing design systems
> 4) PCAD 2002 for $9995
> But they fail to say what the *regular* price is.  So I have no idea of
> much I would be saving by buying before Jan. 1.  Anyone know what the
> regular price for these is supposed to be?
> Why is PCAD higher?  Better yet, why is it still around?  I thought the
> whole purpose of consolidation was to reduce costs by streamlining product
> lines.  What can PCAD do that Protel cannot?  And vice versa?
> They are also offering what seems like a better deal, Protel 99 XTRA,
> is just 99SE SCH, PCB, and the autorouter, for $4995.  Now that I think
> about, that's what full Protel used to cost!
> nVisage DXP schematic capture, Spice sim, VHDL sim and synth.  Guess which
> ONE of these features folks will buy it for?  $2995 is way too much IMO
> that ONE feature.
> Best regards,
> Ivan Baggett
> Bagotronix Inc.
> website:  www.bagotronix.com

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