On 08:54 PM 18/12/2002 -0500, Mike Reagan said:
I might jump on the DXP Bandwagon by the end of the year.    Dropping ATS,
release of SP2, and the reduction of price is attractive.    My only concern
at this point   [IS sch$PCB (selection)  = 99 + Sp6]

He he he...
That should be:

(IsSelection(Sch) = '99SESP6') AND (IsSelection(PCB) = '99SESP6')

Actually I love the query language and the inspector, I have been keen on the query language from the beginning and it is getting better, and have said so, often. And as others have said (exhaustively, it seems) the 'Find Similar Objects' right click function helps make the interface look similar to P99SE globals. The query builder is another attempt to simplify the query interface for more common operations (as is the history list, the ability to save your fav queries and the 'Y' shortcut). I tend to just type my query or go through to the

As just one example of why the new way has advantages over the old. The Inspector displays all the common properties of any selected objects. You can do globals on different object types. So I can change the width of tracks and strings at the same time - or what about changing the net of selected copper, one change in DXP not the two or three in P99SE.

The people most disadvantaged by the new query "language" are those with no programming or boolean logic experience. For those the Find Similar et al interface(s) is(are) designed to help - dunno how successfully as I am not a decent test subject.

pun intended.   I
have followed the DXP forum and am not particularly happy that inclusive to
all of the IPC stuff I have to learn, and the stuff  I don't know yet,  now
I have to learn query language to do global edits.    I read some very
negative email on this subject.
You will probably also have read some very positive email on the subject ... unless you are being very selective in what you read, and I would not think that of you, Mike.

I will add a negative - I do not know if this was fixed in SP2 but the query language operator precedence rules were pretty much as per pascal/Delphi. That means AND has(had?) a higher precedence than '='. Madness, IMO! That is why you will see the brackets in my re-written query above. I have not retested in the recent SP2 but it is a bit of a pain having to put in the extra brackets.

  I hope Protel will change this back to the
way it currently works , but have not seen any comment from Altium that they
are listening to this request.
I certainly hope that Altium do *not* change back to the limited form of globals in P99SE.

Now I will just sit back and wait for the paranoids to vent their spleens...

Ian Wilson

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