Hello all,
Have a couple questions,
1. I have a database the other designer is working on and he swears
it jumped in size for no apparent reason. It was hovering around 4-5meg
after a compact an dall of a sudden it will only compact down to 6.5 meg.
which then puts it just over the 1.44 mark when zipped with win zip.

There has been nothing added chaged etc enough to justify this big a jump
in database size ( I've had bigger designs crunch to under 5meg), so just wondering
if anyone knows if there are things that can get hung up to keep it this
He has done a repair on it a couple time too.
Now if that is what th esize is gonna be now fine but just can't see why
this one is larger against comparable larger designs, it seems it just got larger 
by transfering it to and from two different PC's????

2. When doing any kind of group moves with footprints, vias and tracks etc
does the snap grid at the time have any affect on what happens to the 
individual items when placed in new location. By that I mean do ALL of the selected
items when moved STAY in the same relationship to each other within
the group or could snap grids play some havoc here. Would this also b etrue with 
respect to a group rotate, or worse with rotate? 
It seems on this same design, he is saying quite a few vias
and or tracks are just shifted off connection after a group move??
I would have thought once selected in a group that would stay in relationship
with each other, is that true or not.
I myself have noticed that when doing a group move you do want to try 
and pick up th egroup and pick a reference point that is on a part that 
is on a grid, that is if you want all the parts to remain on a nice or same grid
But the real question is shouldn't it keep the same relationship of all items in group
regardless of snap grid????

Bob Wolfe.

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