Hi all,

For rookie designers and those who don't want to spend the money to obtain
the IPC-2221 documents, you can download the old MIL standard by visiting:
http://astimage.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch .
Fill in "MIL-STD-275" in the Document ID field.
I hope this may be a helpfull hint for many of you.

Ben Uijtenhaak

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I believe that you will find that all covered in IPC-2221, which is the
current incarnation of the old MIL-STD-275.

I am not quite sure where, as my copy is not handy right now, but I would
highly recommend that you get a copy of the spec from IPC ( www.ipc.org ).

The spec is worth its weight in Gold Plated Copper Clad FR4, and if you join
the IPC Designers Council they will firstly give you a $50.00 gift
certificate (which is virtually a refund on your DC Membership Dues), and
secondly give you a 50% discount on certain IPC Documents, like the IPC-2221
Series and IPC-782, and a few others that are important for a Designer to
have at his desk (unfortunately not on all IPC goodies, which they still
require your company to sign up as an IPC Member for).

Not to sound like a shill for IPC, but you (or at least your company) really
do need to have some of these specs on hand if you are designing boards, and
notwithstanding that they are not 100% up to date, they are still the best
things around in the way of standards.

Respecting your specific problem, there is one additional question that
needs to be asked for your particular application, which really does bear
greatly on the final answer to your problem, and that is simply this: Does
your board have to comply with either UL or CE Standards? If so, then you
need to be guided by those specific requirements.

I hope this was of some help.

JaMi Smith

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