On 10:38 AM 23/01/2003 -0600, Christopher Brand said:

And the dBase database linker: does it even work?  Does it work *well*?

Works to its limits and is very slow. It does not allow the footprint to be updated, for instance.
Greetings All,

I just wanted to chime in with my experiences using the dbase import function of protel. I agree with Ian, it's really slow, but it is managable. I am hoping this is improved in protel dxp. I really wish that it worked with other types of databases, like mysql or postgresql.
I am using the process Sch:ImportSchematicfromDatabase.
P99SE has a menu function Tools|Database links which runs the process Sch:UpdatePartDatabaseLinks. This only allows you to update the 16 part fields. Not footprints or other stuff.

I had not seen the Sch:ImportSchematicfromDatabase process before - always new stuff to find. Looks a lot more useful than Sch:UpdatePartDatabaseLinks. Does it remember your settings or do you have to set it up each time? (I gather so from the section on the ini file you included in your post.)

How slow? You say a few minutes. Sch:UpdatePartDatabaseLinks can take many many minutes (like 10's of minutes or more).

(Brad V - I noted your comment on this thread - No, Chris is doing a real import but from a dialog I had not seen or investigated before. Dunno the speed, maybe others that use database linking can benchmark it.)

<..snip..>It now has all the relevant information in there including the footprint. Ian, I am not sure why you said the footprint can't be updated, perhaps your thinking of another method of importing the data?
Yep, see above.

or perhaps I misunderstood something somewhere. For me, this works really well. The only problems I have with it is the if your updating alot of parts at the same time, it can take quite a long time, several minutes or more. It does give you a chance to take a quick break though :) This I hope gets addressed in a service pack or in the new dxp.
DXP has done some radical changes in importing. I have not investigated the details but it pretty much supports pretty much any database that has a interface to the JET database stuff - I think you can get plugins for pretty much any of the database engines now - including MySQL etc. Dunno about speed - I haven't played with this aspect at all.


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