Carlos, Clive,
   I think that there is a typo involved in the original description, I would believe 
it is 0.000050" of gold plating. Secondly, there should be no solder embrittlement 
with a typical through-hole lead because the gold typically will not make up 3%  or 
more of the solder weight. and the solder forms a plug rather than just sitting atop 
the SMT pad.
   I am wondering why the need for the high temp solder? A specified requirement? 
Since gold solders quite easily I can't picture the need for the special solder.
   I have designed and sent to fab many gold plated boards in my career, they solder 
wonderfully with just regular solder, typical low solids no-clean solder or aqueous 
solder. So I suspect one of two problems here.
1)   Moisture trapped within the PCB. Symptom, watch the hole(s) while it is being 
soldered is the solder bubbling and erupting? Solution, pre-bake the PCBs to remove 
trapped moisture.
2)   The high temp solder is the biggest suspect. Something involved with the special 
solder here, temperature, flux, some combination.
   Another question. Why do you need 50 uinches of Gold? Typically this much gold is 
only used on mechanical contact areas like card edge connectors. It is typically 
limited to selective plating in the required areas. For regular solderable areas a 
gold flash of as little as 2 - 3 uinches usually suffices very well.
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        I used HMP solder once and it seemed to have either no flux in it or the flux
        burnt off very fast due to the high temps. You could try using extra flux. The
        other problem is soldering to gold plating. The solder reacts to the gold and
        will cause embrittlement of the joint. Im not sure the solution to that, maybe
        scrap off the gold plating with a sharp blade?
        BR Clive
        "Carlos Claveria" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 27/02/2003 09:08:34 AM
        Subject:  [PEDA] Through hole IPC recommendations
        Hello everyone,
        I was wondering if anyone could help me with this question. I built a 8
        layer pcb with through hole components. I used 0.032" hole diameter and
        0.050" gold plating. I have to use HMP (high melting point) solder and
        found that is really hard to get a good solder flow. I was wondering if
        anybody has done anything like this and what the recommended hole size
        would be under these conditions.
        Thanks for your help,

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