Thanks for the suggestions, now the resolution?

*- look in the Windows folder for all the *99SE*.ini an dDFT and rcs files and see if any of these *(text) files affect things. You can safely move these files out of the windows folder and they will *be recreated with system defaults. You would loose any customizations, so back them up first and if *this fixes the issue, investigate to see what is different between the new (default) files and the old *ones.

I removed all the 99se files in the winnt folder, to no avail. Protel wouldn't start up correctly without the .ini file. I wound up with all back as they were, no improvement.

*Select-Outside and then draw the select box around your PCB. This should just select the wayward *components. Then move them.

This didn't quite work. Protel simply would not select the components that were outside the box AND negative.

After several starting and stopping of 99se, a few reboots, the problem simply went away. There was no obvious correlation with anything that I did. I did not reinstall 99se (sp6). But now 99se behaves normally. Other projects were OK, it seems to have been related to this particular ddb (windows file system, not the database). So I'll ascribe it to a weird interaction between protel and windows (2k, sp2) and go back to work!!

thanks again,

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> Usually, when I add a few components to the schematic, and update the pcb, > the components are placed in a horizontal row starting at the lower right > corner of the board. Today, it (99se, sp6) started placing them in a > vertical column, with negative 300 mil increment! My board origin (LL > corner) is at 1,1, so only the first 3 are visible (and accessible). The > rest are in negative Y land!! Selecting everything and moving up will make > them all visible, but this seems to mess up polygon fills and split planes > when I try to put it back. Yuk! > > Any suggestions? Does anyone know where the increment parameter is hidden? > I'll eventually give up and reinstall everything, but I'd like to avoid that. >

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