A colleague of mine used to produce artwork on film using a laser printer.
The right sort of film was essential to ensure dimensional stability with
the heat of the laser printer. This yielded black tracks on a transparent
film. He then used a positive etch process to remove the photoresist which
had been exposed to light. It was a very simple procedure. I always
understood that this was the standard method, no need for negatives etc. I
notice that products are available that improve the density and definition
of a standard paper or film print using a contact method (Reprophane film).

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My son wants to build a board to learn how it's done. We've got schematic
PCB files ready to roll. I've got some old Kepro-clad kits (pre-sensitized
copperclad); now all we need is a way to get the artwork onto a negative.
done it before using viewgraph transparencies, but don't now have a handy
to turn the printout into a negative. I recall doing it eons ago by using
Postscript output to a file, then directly monkeying with the Postscript
header to
invert the colors. Does anybody have a more modern way to invert black and
white? I can print to a PDF, but that doesn't seem helpful. Neither was
I could find in tinkering with the colors within Protel. Surely somebody
out there has already done this? Thanks in advance for any help you can

Steve Hednrix

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