Not to throw cold water on your or your son's PCB ambitions, but might it be
cheaper and less trouble to have the boards made by one of the low cost
proto houses that exist now?  You can get proto boards done for less than
$100.  By the time you set up an exposure lamp, buy the chemicals, film, pcb
blanks, figure out how to dispose of the used etchant, and drill the holes,
you could be over the $100 and "lots of work" mark.

Of course, if the idea is to explore the actual process of pcb
manufacturing, equipment, materials and supplies procurement, and how to
comply with all the environmental regulations of toxic waste disposal, then
using a pcb fab house would be missing the point...

I think it's great that your son has the curiosity about it though.  I
learned much about working with hand and power tools and auto repair from
watching and helping my father when I was a kid.  Although I ended up
choosing a different branch of engineering than my father (I am electrical,
my father is mechanical and nuclear), I attribute my interest in analysis,
problem solving, and handyman's skills to the role model that is my father.
Even though it's the day after Father's Day, I am still saying "Thanks,

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 2:56 PM
Subject: [PEDA] Direct printing of artwork

> My son wants to build a board to learn how it's done. We've got schematic
> PCB files ready to roll. I've got some old Kepro-clad kits (pre-sensitized
> copperclad); now all we need is a way to get the artwork onto a negative.
> done it before using viewgraph transparencies, but don't now have a handy
> to turn the printout into a negative. I recall doing it eons ago by using
> Postscript output to a file, then directly monkeying with the Postscript
header to
> invert the colors. Does anybody have a more modern way to invert black and
> white? I can print to a PDF, but that doesn't seem helpful. Neither was
> I could find in tinkering with the colors within Protel. Surely somebody
> out there has already done this? Thanks in advance for any help you can
> Steve Hednrix

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