On 03:02 PM 26/06/2003, Pat Nystrom said:

I'm using DXP, SP3 pre 104.

There is a group for discussing Pre-rel DXP. As part of the stuff you agreed to when downloading the pre-release you agree not to discuss except on the pre-rel forum. I know it is often the case that the SP level doesn't affect a particular issue and so discussion publicly should be OK. I try to be careful as I like the access to the developers that us users have on the pre-rel forum and wouldn't like to use it. (I usually will discuss something like this that is not likely to be pre-rel related but just say I am using DXP not which SP level.)

Has anyone else noticed that sheet entries are not
editable as a group? When I mark a group of sheet entries and choose 'move
selection', they will not move. When I want to re-arrange them, I have to move
each - one - separately. Not fun!

This has been the situation for ages in Protel products. I would like sheet entries to be subject to all the normal multi-editing and moving features. It may be that since the system is busy checking that the sheet entry stays bound to its parent sheet, that is, it remains within the region of the sheet symbol, that the developers decided to limit actions to sheet entries to individuals.

To help the developers along maybe we should discuss how we would like the system to behave when moving groups of sheet entries (within a sheet symbol, both sides, top and bottom etc) and when sheet entries are selected on multiple sheet symbols and when sheet entries are part of some wild mixed-up ad-hoc selection.

Also, after adding ports to a sheet, it is tedious to have to edit the parent
sheet symbol to add the ports. I think it would be really handy if there were a
way to update a sheet symbol with its referenced page, adding and removing sheet
entries as required. I realize one could re-create the sheet symbol, but
logically organizing the sheet entry positions is time-consuming.

Has been discussed before and yes it would be great to be able to re-synch a sheet with its higher level sheet symbol and the sheet symbol with its lower level sheet entry. There are some subtleties on this that have been discussed before but I can't recall any agreement.

Are there good ways to do these things that I'm just missing?

Use the ASCII file format? The List Panel? Does it list coords for sheet entries? Export to a database, re-jig and re-import? Maybe some others as well

I have taken the liberty of copying this to the dxp forum where there may be some Altium involvement.

Bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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