Tony,thats very much of an insight thought i did tell that not me but 3 of our team 
members with new machine of P4 2.4Ghz on WinXP decide to leave 99se for Protel 2.8 and 
that included my superior who is fluent with Protel because he was "grown up" with it 
since his colledge days.Btw we all use Nvdia chipset graphic card.Yes,i happened to 
like OrCAD and you are right that prior to OrCAD 9xx it is bad and now i found it 
great amongst all with no much fuss about machines config and hardware type, and 
personally i found out that while most of us is ok with Protel minus me,nevertheless 
it not quite a system of choice for a new company when it come to this CAD decision as 
we have found out,so it means that if my employer still want his policy of what CAD 
that we should use,then he would have to change our hardware just a little bit late to 
found out about its a Protel's enigma.Btw, for the info of us all here,i am not a high 
density router as seldom it involve me doing designs more than 15 discreets on a 
single sided board and now you know the level of unstability with 99SE.Ok now,no hard 
feelings as i do feel 99SE's ideas of library wizard is a great time saver where even 
OrCAD doesnt have so it all come to that without frankness there is no need to discuss 
with other for my main theme is to be good with multiple system,including Windraft.


Tony Karavidas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>I really do suggest getting to the root of the problem. Understand
>>that many, many of us, who use Protel 99SE constantly, report
>>stability. In the past, persons complaining about instability
>>eventually found -- if they persisted --
>>(1) They were using W98 and running out of system resources (2)
>>They had a bad memory chip
>>(3) They were using certain video cards. ATI is famous for
>>problems. Matrox is well-accepted among Protel users. I had tons of
>>problems when I was using an ATI card that disappeared when I went
>>to Matrox Millenium. I'm now using a Matrox dual-head card. BTW, if
>>you aren't running two or more monitors, you are unnecessarily
>>cramped, I've got two 20 inch 1600x1200 monitors side-by-side, and
>>I'd make sure than any employee doing CAD had at least this good or
>>better. (4) They didn't have enough memory.
>>(5) There were other hardware or software problems, not Protel per
>>Entirely as a separate thing from the crash issue -- I'm certain
>>that can be solved -- Protel is very different from OrCAD. If you
>>are accustomed to OrCAD you are quite likely to be using Protel in
>>an inefficient way. Your plan to continue to read this list is a
>>good one. Even experienced Protel users sometimes discover, here,
>>that they've been doing something the hard way for years, they
>>simply had overlooked a much easier and faster technique available
>>in the program.
>>One way to approach this problem, if you want to work on it, is to
>>mention ways that OrCAD, to you, is much better. Some of these
>>might indeed be OrCAD superiorities, though it is not very likely.
>>More likely you've been trying to push Protel through OrCAD hoops.
>>By asking, you'll find out, and usually you will learn faster and
>>better ways to use Protel.

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