At 05:53 AM 8/16/2003, Choong Keat Yian wrote:
John,it has been my interpersonal "friction" between me and my superior because he is still using Protel 2.7 while i am using OrCAD personally.Now our team is using Protel 2.7(imagine that) because of serious flaws in 99SE.

I would not accept this. 99SE is relatively mature and in a properly configured system is stable. Windows 98 has known resource problems that make 99SE less than satisfactory with W98 -- though usable, if one runs a resource monitor and takes care not to run out of resources -- but with W2000 it is fine. I can't remember the last crash, though I think I might be able to get it to crash by playing around with the spreadsheet editor and update from spreadsheet. Maybe.

drafting in ancient 2.7 is nice and stable althought it is not so powerful with automations so now i do a work-around mode by exporting .pcb files to be routed by OrCAD Layout and finished the job perfectly professional..,

Yes, it is actually possible to do professional work with OrCAD Layout. But not in a million years would I choose Layout -- at least the version I've used, admittedly not the latest, v. 7, which was *quite* buggy -- over P99SE, not to mention DXP.

and my superior is not aware of what i am doing yet but i will do it to make him aware of what suffering is to come in our future workload if he still stick to Protel.I mean well and would still stick to the forum to see there is anything good will come out of this to make my working life more harmonious with those die hard dudes that i am working with..,so this is my story.

I really do suggest getting to the root of the problem. Understand that many, many of us, who use Protel 99SE constantly, report stability. In the past, persons complaining about instability eventually found -- if they persisted --

(1) They were using W98 and running out of system resources
(2) They had a bad memory chip
(3) They were using certain video cards. ATI is famous for problems. Matrox is well-accepted among Protel users. I had tons of problems when I was using an ATI card that disappeared when I went to Matrox Millenium. I'm now using a Matrox dual-head card. BTW, if you aren't running two or more monitors, you are unnecessarily cramped, I've got two 20 inch 1600x1200 monitors side-by-side, and I'd make sure than any employee doing CAD had at least this good or better.
(4) They didn't have enough memory.
(5) There were other hardware or software problems, not Protel per se.

Entirely as a separate thing from the crash issue -- I'm certain that can be solved -- Protel is very different from OrCAD. If you are accustomed to OrCAD you are quite likely to be using Protel in an inefficient way. Your plan to continue to read this list is a good one. Even experienced Protel users sometimes discover, here, that they've been doing something the hard way for years, they simply had overlooked a much easier and faster technique available in the program.

One way to approach this problem, if you want to work on it, is to mention ways that OrCAD, to you, is much better. Some of these might indeed be OrCAD superiorities, though it is not very likely. More likely you've been trying to push Protel through OrCAD hoops. By asking, you'll find out, and usually you will learn faster and better ways to use Protel.

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