Hi Steve,

I just tried your tip on a board I'm working on, and it crashed DXP and
99SE! I experimented a bit, and it seems like if can draw one huge line
somewhere in the polygon, it's ok. If it can't draw anything, an AV occurs
in ADVPCB.DLL. I can close the AV and then do an orderly shutdown of the

I'm going to try this with a couple boards to see if it's consistent. 
(20 minutes...)

It's not consistent, but it does happen on several boards. (just not all of
them) It does it in DXP, so I'm going to file a bug report.


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Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 8:04 AM
Subject: [PEDA] Getting a polygone pour out of the way for updates

I just wanted to share a tip for a difficulty that I've seen discussed here
many times, just an alternative to the solutions presented here in the past.

I needed to make some modifications to a previously laid-out board which had
ground pours on both sides of the board. Deleting the polygons and
recreating them later was a problem because they had irregular shapes. All I
did was to increase the width of primitives in the polygon to 2000 mils
(yes, 2 inches wide). That leaves the polygon entirely intact and in place;
in fact, I can even click or dblclk where it should be and have the polygon
show up in the selection list or open the appropriate dialog box. However,
all other "traces" (pun
intended!) of it are gone from the board, allowing me to push parts around
and lay tracks at will, without green lights lighting up all over. When I'm
done, I simply set the width back to the original 20 mils and allow the
Presto! The polygon is back just like it was, only now with all the right
clearances on the new features.

Hope this helps somebody.

Steve Hendrix

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