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> Joe wrote:
> I had the same comment about being in a project, why oh why 
> does it have to be this way?
> Yea, I agree what's up with that?  If I can keep hammering on 
> the minor issues,  when it generates gerbers it would be nice 
> to have them placed neatly in a folder instead of spewing the 
> output on my pc then I have re-sort the files into a neat 
> folder which is what I have to do to send them
> out.   Who thought of this stuff?  Didnt they have any design 
> experience at
> all?

I started a thread last year along the same lines, see below. It was logged
as an issue for improvement. I had every intention of completing a document
on this (similar to what I would use for internal procedures manual) but
never had time.

It got support for a bit, then the momentum stopped. Guess you can find the
rest of the messages in that thread. Ian and others had some valid points &
concerns as regards how libraries would be handled that were added in
between, this was just the first post / Altium response.

Sorry for the messy stuff below but it would take way too much time to
format nicely.


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> Subject: Re: [dxp] Folders- exporting in autoad format .dxf and .dwg
> Hi John,
> Thank you for the very detailed suggestion.
> I can see that alot of thought has gone into this.
> This improvement has been logged as Issue ID 2918.
> Do others have any comments --- agree/disagree?
> I do agree that at present it can be difficult to locate 
> project files amongst the mass of files in a folder and 
> project output folders can grow extensively.
> In the open dialog, it is possible to filter for certain file 
> types but it needs more attention.
> Ultimately, you're right the aim is to save time and we will 
> consider your comments.
> Kindest Regards
> Josie Di Costanzo
> Altium Limited

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> Subject: Re: [dxp] exporting in autoad format .dxf and .dwg

> Make sure you change the Save as type to "Export AutoCAD files 
> (*.dwg,*.dxf)" (Also take note of the folder you are saving to. Very 
> easy to check for the file in the wrong
> folder.)


Perhaps this makes a case for a firm DXP project folder structure (Altium
standard), instead of just using the system default. Would make
interoperability between tools a little easier as well.

Many people have requested / touched on this issue before but now that DXP
forces the use of projects it is time to start looking at a better method of
file storage / destination folders.

OK this is a pretty rigid approach, but so is project management really, so
when considering this suggestion, do not think of it as barricades, but as
auto file sorting. 


Under project options an extra tab to select all these options would be
nice, but not really needed, just some structure definition.

The term system default below is not DXP default, but the default for open
in any DXP dialogues seems to be the windows 'last open folder'

First an extra tab in the project options folder to define the location of
all libraries, which over rides the system default. Ok, you can do this in
some way in the editors but the actual folder location should be fixed,
leave the editor stuff to picking the libraries you want to use.

The creation of a Project group name should auto create a /root folder.
The prjgrp link file should be put here.
An extra Tab in the Project options for USER setting the destination of the
/root folder to over ride the system default should be available to the

The creation of a Project should auto create a project name folder in that
root /root/project/ 

The project link file should stay in the /root/project/ sub folder, that way
the whole project is self contained and you can just look in the /root/
directory to see how many projects are there and what they are. 

As the project is self contained they are now also PORTABLE and a lot easier
to perform Auto/Remote/Network backups & restores & of course compare whole

As the user creates a new file, a subfolder should also be auto created to
place the files in, for the different  file types, like /root/project/schdoc
or /root/project/exports

As the user generates a new output type, a subfolder should also be auto
created to place the files in, for the different  file types, like
/root/project/cam or /root/project/reports

Likewise when you ask to 'open' a file or project the default should
automatically go the appropriate folder for the active group/project folder
first, or in the case of new projects, the group root folder.

If files are imported to the project, and do not belong to a file group, a
copy of the imported files should be auto copied to a /root/project/file
type folders first then the /root/project/imports folder if the file type is
not assigned (documents, PDF...). They can always be deleted later.

With the exception of the next point, the above is not a big deal, it is
merely looking up defaults, very little to leave to chance, and elimination
of error or just saving time is a good thing right?

The view / structure of these files/folders should be followed in the
Project browser window in DXP.


The ODB++ standard defines a structure for file sorting, perhaps we need a
DXP file structure standard.

Do not know about others, but I detest playing 'hunt the file' games, or not
knowing what files are linked to what projects as it uses link files. The
file structure and project structure should be 'self contained' or self
explanatory, with or without DXP open.

Best Regards

John A. Ross

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