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> Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2004 6:26 PM
> Subject: [PEDA] Is Protel 99SE to 2004 upgrade a good idea yet?
> Having just been offered a discount to upgrade from 99SE to 
> 2004 it's time to think about it again. (I knew those special 
> offers would keep coming). 
> Is it fit to use yet or should hold out for a couple more 
> service packs and the next special offer? 


IMO if you can use the additional features and prepared to tackle the learning curve 
head on then I
would say yes. 

I got a complimentary upgrade on one seat as I had already upgraded to DXP when DXP 
was first
released. I recently upgraded another seat from 99SE>2004 and although I do not regret 
upgrade, the path to productivity for me is not as quick as I would like it to be due 
to my lack of
skills in some disciplines (mainly the query language) limit the advantages in 2004 
for me, more
than shortcomings of the software itself. 
In addition to these seats I have another 5 client supplied seats, none of those 
clients wish to
upgrade, so I have to jump between 99SE and 2004 quite regularly, and this is the 
worst way to work
and learn, split between 2 quite different environments, sometimes getting back to 
99SE seems like a
breath of fresh air, sometimes it seems a curse. If you can stick to using 2004 alone, 
then you will
have less of a learning curve than most I would guess and get productive with it far 
quicker than I.

Do not expect to get blown away with Situs, you will find it a bit of an anti climax 
compared to the
marketing hype and thus expectations from it. 

If you can make use of the multi channel feature then you will save time for sure as 
this is a core
improvement in 2004, you could cover the cost of the upgrade easily just with this one 
covering the retraining costs is an individual matter.

But if you do not feel limited by 99SE feature set, then I think the most honest 
answer is no.

In 2004 you will need to change a lot of the ways in which you currently work and 
think, but it is
not to bad.

The areas I have issues on are spread across the PEDA and DXP lists as are some of the 

As an existing user I am quite sure your local Altium VAR would be more than happy to 
arrange an
extended trial for you, that way you can judge for yourself :-)


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