On 12:52 PM 30/05/2004, Hamid Wasti said:
Ian Wilson wrote:

The learning curve is very significant in only one major commonly used area but this affects quite a few aspects of the software. The query language is like a small programming language that you can use to select and mask objects in your design. This language uses boolean operators (AND, NOT, OR etc) and a provides big bunch of key words like "InPolygon", "InNet", "InNetClass" IsPad etc etc.

I have installed 2004 today and intend to do one simple 2 layer orphan board in it before deciding whether to stick with it or move to Expedition. So my experience comes from doing 2 orphan boards in DXP with SP2 and what I have heard from others.

I have 2 issues with the new method of global editing. First, it is slower.

No - it is slower when you are not used to them and used to using all the stuff that can speed them up (like saving favourites, history, the y-hot key, selection memories .....). They are slower when you drive them slower - this is not the user's fault necessarily but it is my opinion that this the much talked about learning curve in a nutshell. The difference between being proficient at queries and not is to a significant extent the difference between productivity in P99SE and DXP/P2004 - if it has to be reduced to a single thing. Learn the query language, and the tools that make it easier to use the querying language, and the difference between globals in P99SE and multi-object edits in DXP/P2004 becomes so much less significant that it is no longer a buying decision point. That is for some edits one will be faster, for others it may be the other way around, and for still others not possibly practically in P99SE - the difference becomes insignificant in a project time scale.

The question then comes up is what is the learning time to become proficient? Are you better off putting that to learning another application altogether? That is the really hard decision - much harder than whether the old globals are better or worse or slower or faster than the new.

The 99SE global edits could be done with just the mouse, or a couple of characters. This means that the right hand stayed on the mouse and the left hand stayed on the keyboard, which is how most of the time is spent in the program.

Exactly how I run the vast bulk of the ones I do. The complex ones require complex typing but these are things you couldn't do in P99SE or you had to do as much typing.

If you have to type sentences into a dialogue box,

That is what the Find Similar Object dialog is designed to stop you having to do. I really do get tired of typing this. Every one new to the query language should now write out by hand 100 times - "I know what the FSO is."

I knew I should have just shut up and not put my tuppence worth in.


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