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> Subject: Re: [PEDA] Is Protel 99SE to 2004 upgrade a good idea yet?
> John A. Ross [RSDTV] wrote:
> >For things like this I have just used the list panel as I 
> found it easier than FSO.
> >
> >In my favourites I keep some things like IsDesignator And 
> >HasFootprint('0603') IsDesignator And HasFootprint('0805') 
> Then all I 
> >need do is edit selected columns and the change is applied.
> >
> How many "favorites" will I have to save in order to get a baord done?


Too many really, or none at all, depending on how you have set up library parts and 

Your example was how to edit all RefDes size for 0402, I would be more likely to 
select 0402 on a
dense board and hide all text, which I can do from inspector without any queries. But 
everyone is

> >Using FSO, select footprint=same,...
> >This I guess is exactly what you found right? 
> >
> I don't know because I lost you 25% into the dissitation.  If 
> someone claims that that method is just as straightforward as 
> doing the change in 99SE, I have to wonder about them.

For what you wanted to do I have always gave up using FSO. Sorry you missed my point. 
I was actually
agreement with you, in part.

No it is not as straightforward as 99SE was for THIS example, because the attributes 
for text are
not always displayed in the inspector or list panels. These methods seem only to list 
common or similar to all of the selection.

Asking for the 99SE type global editing style to be adopted to DXP has been requested 
many times,
and more or less glossed over as it does not fit well within the product architecture. 

IMO it would not take much to adopt the Inspector/List panel to work better, but until 
the Product
managers at Altium see a need for it...... 

> >Certainly recall from favourites IS faster than 99se for repetition, 
> >F12,favourites,select,applyexpression and do your edit as selection 
> >criteria are already defined and they can be as complex as you want.
> >
> The problem is that the tasks are similar but not identical.  
> by the time you have a comprehensive lists of favorites, your 
> list is just too long to be manageable or practical.

Depends on what you are doing and the source of your netlist and libraries in many 
Looking up a list of favourites is not as bad as having to continually repeat the same 
sequence in
If favourites were available in 99SE I would bet it would be a well used feature.


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