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> At 08:23 PM 5/29/2004, Ian wrote:
> >>The 99SE global edits could be done with just the mouse, or 
> a couple 
> >>of characters.  This means that the right hand stayed on 
> the mouse and 
> >>the left hand stayed on the keyboard, which is how most of 
> the time is 
> >>spent in the program.
> >
> >Exactly how I run the vast bulk of the ones I do.  The complex ones 
> >require complex typing but these are things you couldn't do 
> in P99SE or 
> >you had to do as much typing.
> >
> >>   If you have to type sentences into a dialogue box,
> >
> >That is what the Find Similar Object dialog is designed to stop you 
> >having to do.  I really do get tired of typing this. Every 
> one new to 
> >the query language should now write out by hand 100 times - 
> "I know what the FSO is."
> Ian,
> I don't have much DXP experience yet, but so far I'd be 
> inclined to agree with Hamid. For a number of simple 99se 
> edits that I've tried in DXP, I haven't been able to find a 
> simple DXP method.
> Here is an example: Change the designator height and width 
> for all '0402' 
> footprints.


For things like this I have just used the list panel as I found it easier than FSO.

In my favourites I keep some things like 
IsDesignator And HasFootprint('0603')
IsDesignator And HasFootprint('0805')
Then all I need do is edit selected columns and the change is applied.

If I follow the FSO route for this type of edit I find it a world of pain. 

Using FSO, select footprint=same, check create expression as it is a good guide to 
what FSO is
actually doing, and uncheck run inspector then click apply. 

You now have cleared other selections and correctly selected all 0402's. 

The FSO box has done its stuff. 

If you then hit F11 for inspector, or ran it from within FSO panel, then you may find 
no option to
change text height or width here, so now to the list panel, click the list tab at the 
bottom, right
click to remove non-selected items and you are left with a list of 0402 only, but 
still no option to
change text height, hmmm, where did it go? 

If the height/width attributes of the designator/comment text were always available at 
this point
for direct entry of the value to be applied you would have a home run, but no, too 

Well, the columns and or entries shown in the list panel or inspector are driven by 
generated scripts/queries which determine which columns are applicable for editing, 
the user has
little choice in this as far as I know. 

The expression generated by the FSO for select by footprint=0402 would be like 
(ObjectKind =
'Component') And (Footprint = '0402') and that just does not cut it as it does not 
specifically to designators (guess). 

If in the list panel you right click on the column headers and 'choose columns' you 
will find the
display mode for all attributes set to Automatic. So if you then select to show text 
height / width
anyway then you get empty fields in that column which you cannot edit. If I can 
display the column I
would expect the fields for that record to be available. Dead end.

You would logically think that all attributes applicable to a selection of same 
footprint parts
would be available for edit after correct selection/filter by FSO but they are not, 
certainly I
would have expected text height/width to be available for edit in the inspector panel 
directly after
FSO for change. Unless some hidden, design or environment setting is stopping this, 
but I doubt it
as you can globally change the selections  name/comment visibility as well as
type/rotation/height/layer/lock unlock status.... So why not text height?

This I guess is exactly what you found right? 

This is a case where typing, or recall from favourites will be faster than FSO route, 
unless my
understanding is also flawed. 
Certainly recall from favourites IS faster than 99se for repetition,
F12,favourites,select,applyexpression and do your edit as selection criteria are 
already defined and
they can be as complex as you want. 

> This can be done in one dialog box with 7 mouse clicks 
> (excluding typing the new height/width values) in 99se. I 
> have not been unable to find a simple way to do this in DXP. 
> The problem I see in this case is that DXP does not select or 
> mask designators along with their components.
> I hope that you can prove me wrong.


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