Ian- from my prior post you'll see I eventually found that I needed to enable the selection option in the PCB panel. Unfortunately I had been too busy deciphering and solving the problem to read your email in a timely manor.


At 03:45 PM 8/2/2004, you wrote:
On 01:03 AM 3/08/2004, Mike Reagan said:


I dont think it works as advertised.   I agree I cant globally change the
nets either

Mike and Jim,

Works OK for me.

Select net(s) in the PCB panel, change to Inspector and change the colour. Select net classes in the "Net Classes" section of the PCB panel, or select a range (shift click) or multiple specific nets (ctrl click) in the "Nets" section as per normal windows stuff.

Oh - make sure the PCB panel is set to "Nets" in the drop down list at the top of the panel. Also make sure the "Select" and "Clear Existing" check boxes are checked (at the top of the PCB panel.

The KB item 3555 is not really very specific about how to select nets. KB Item 4266 has a bit more detail but again doesn't mention that the easiest way to select nets is probably using the PCB panel.

You would have had an answer much faster elsewhere I'd think.

Ian Wilson

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Subject: [PEDA] Changing color of DXP From-To's

I can't seem to figure out how to make a global change of color of the From-To's in DXP04.

KB item 3555 says that they can be changed "by selecting the nets, and
editing the Color field in the Inspector panel". I've tried various methods
of selecting nets but they are never listed in the Inspector. I can change
them one at a time in the PCB panel but that's too slow and error prone
when changing hundreds of nets (eg. busses and/or net classes)

Can any body give me more detailed instructions so I can change the color
of groups of nets?

Thanks in advance.


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