On 11:05 AM 6/08/2004, edsi said:

I forgot to qualify my answer...you can change individual nets by pulling up the pcb panel and double clicking on INDIVIDUAL nets. But then you probably already now that. Global net changing does not work.


Mike, you *can* change the colour of From-Tos (or ratsnets/connection lines) of multiple nets in one go in DXP and P2004.

Jim found the answer eventually. You just need to make sure the Select and Clear Existing check boxes (at the top of the PCB panel) are checked. When you do this, clicking on net classes and nets (control or shift click to grab multiples), will select the nets (and clear any pre-existing selection) and you can then change the colours in Inspector (or in the List panel if you so desire).

It does work, but the KB item(s) that deal with changing From-To colours in P2004 are not complete - they don't mention that you need to check the Select and Clear Existing check boxes.

When I was testing this I was stumped as to why Jim was having trouble. I then realised what might have been the problem, but only after playing around in the panel for some time. I was completely skipping over (visually) the check boxes as I did the testing - in my case they were checked appropriately so the global change worked fine for me. Later I noticed the check boxes and thought maybe this is the problem...but by then Jim had already found them as he mentioned in one of his responses.


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>Jim and Ian
>It doesnt work like 99 any more. How about it Altium? before you release another service pack, please give is back the performance and capability we had for the past 10 years.
>Jim Keep those DXP post coming!
>Mike Reagan
>On 11:52 AM 3/08/2004, Jim Monroe said:
>>At 03:45 PM 8/2/2004, you wrote:
>>>You would have had an answer much faster elsewhere I'd think.
>>>Ian Wilson
>>No, I don't believe so. I had already searched other forums. The DXP forum
>>had a nearly identical question posted a few weeks ago "[dxp] setting
>>colors" and it was never fully resolved. I posted here for a fresh point
>>of view.
>Fair enough.
>What was missed in the other forums answer was the need to check Select and
>Clear Existing on the panel, I think. The basic process was answered in
>the first couple of replies. I think the KB items that talk about From-To
>colour could be improved. I remember the thread - it got hijacked into
>other areas, legitimate enough discussions, but I stopped reading in
>full. I must have missed the bit where someone mentioned the Inspector was
>empty after selecting nets in the PCB panel - I assume this is what happened.
>>I appreciate your knowledge of DXP but I'm getting a little tired of you
>>suggesting that I should post DXP issues elsewhere.
>Well, I for one would have answered faster on the other forum. I don't
>always read PEDA these days - tend to look every three or so days. I note
>your original query was a few days ago - rather a long time to get an
>answer I think. So in this case I think it would have been faster to ask
>(again) on the other forum. But sorry if I offended you.
>Bye for now,

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