Your symptom is exactly what is seen when a primitive, designator, note, etc. has gone off into never-never land. Often the problem is something at a negative absolute coordinate (off the bottom left corner) - Protel doesn't know what to do with negative absolutes.

Yes, you can select and copy the layout using "select inside", then paste it onto a new document. This has worked for others who have seen the problem.

At 06:57 AM 9/2/04, you wrote:
Thanks for the interesting thought but I don't think that is the problem. I
did check for off sheet primitives with all layers on but nothing showed up.
When I select 'View | Fit Document' the board becomes a small patch at the
bottom left hand corner and the coordinates of the top right are X:99999mil
Y:99760mil. This would suggest that the document size has been maximized for
some reason. The 'View | Board' and 'View | Sheet' options work fine.

Can I move the layout onto a new board to fix this?



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This is a problem that crops up regularly in all versions of Protel.  It is
likely that, at some point in laying out your PCB, some primitive or
component accidentally has been moved or placed outside your work area.  It
may even be on a layer that you have turned off, such as a mechanical layer
used for notes or mechanical layout.

First use "turn on used layers" to make sure all is visible.  If you can't
see the culprit, try using "deselect all" then "select outside" and  draw
your selection box around the perimeter of your desired board layout
area.  Now use "shift delete" to delete all selected items.  Whatever is
outside the selection box should be deleted.

You can also try the same "select outside" and then drag the selection into
visual range so you can delete it.

At 03:42 PM 9/1/04, you wrote:
>I am using DXP +SP2 and have a PCB design where the document size is very
>much bigger than the board. Because of this I can't get a print preview or
>generate Gerber files. In the latter case I get a 'film too small' error. I
>don't know how the document size got changed but I would very much
>appreciate a way to reset it to the same as the sheet so I can make some
>output files. All suggestions welcome.

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