For future reference this was a hidden component that could not be selected
for some reason. I did a text search on the PCB file and found a large
positive fractional X component value. To fix this I edited the schematic to
remove the component, updated the PCB to remove it then replaced the part in
the schematic and updated the PCB again. You can't text edit the PCB file
because it probably has some form of CRC protection.

Thanks to all.



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The "bounding rectangle" is supposed to be the board outline.  If there are 
primitives out of bounds, Protel will extend the "bounding rectangle" to 
include them - even if they are outside the actual board outline.

At this point, you best bet appears to be select, copy, and paste into a 
new document.  If the offending part is a component designator or 
description that extends into negative coordinates, the copy will have the 
same problem.

Take a look at the ASCII file with a text editor, and see if you find any 
negative or extremely large x or y coordinates.

At 03:23 PM 9/2/04, you wrote:
>Another interesting idea. Unfortunately this does not sort the problem but
>it does provide a pointer to a possible solution. If I save the PCB file in
>PCB ASCII file format then open it again the board outline (black box with
>white grid) extends to the extreme right of the workspace. The DXP import
>wizard defines the board shape from the 'bounding rectangle' but it is not
>clear where this comes from in the original PCB document. It is this
>bounding rectangle which has become corrupt in the original document but
>some reason this is not used to define the board shape in the original as
>this is fine. Is there a way to isolate the 'bounding rectangle' in the
>original PCB file so it can be corrected?
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>At 2-9-2004 15:57, Dave Courtney wrote:
> ><snip>
> >Can I move the layout onto a new board to fix this?
>'Save copy as ASCII', then open the ASCII copy to see if all is well again.
>Then delete the original and rename the copy.
>Worked for me.....
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