On 05:11 AM 28/09/2004, Jeff Stout said:
How do I create "negative" film output?  And why can't Protel do this right
out of the box?  I want to use a home PCB kit to create a simple PCB and I
need negative film.

I once heard of a method of printing to pdf then hand editing the output to
create that effect. But nothing clicked for me when I looked at the pdf
output a few minutes ago.

I thought PDF writers used a postscript printer driver. I thought all (most maybe) postscript printer drivers had the option of mirroring output and making it negative. Look in the Advanced dialog of the printer properties page.

If you don't have access to these settings in the PDF writer you are using, you could try installing another postscript printer (connect it to the FILE: device), printing to file (as a PS file) and then using Acrobat or Ghostscript to print to transperancy.

(The mirroring is useful, depending on what layer you are printing, to ensure the ink on the transparency is in contact with the light sensitive copper clad. Gives significantly better edge definition. Been more than a decade since I last made a home brew - used to have to do it on some security related stuff that the company owners did not want being sent out for commercial PCB manufacture. The camera we used was some expensive Fuji or Xerox or something - big UV thing. I remember that the gas lift hinges were wearing out and the very heavy lid would come crashing down. There was one accident prone tech who would spend time carefully lining up the film with the some cross hairs while leaning over the open camera - we would hear Owww! from the dark room as the lid came crashing down on his head.)

Ian Wilson

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