I  have  never  tried to use the lower level schematic components (ie mux, counter,
gates,  etc.) in  an  FPGA  design.   I _think_ you are supposed to be able to compile
such a schematic representation and generate an fpga programming file.
(however  I  have  never  used it in this way,  and may be misinformed
about it's abilities in this area...).  I do not believe it can generate a VHDL
description from a schematic representation.  Except as   you  have described,
as  a  higher  level  "entity  outline" that you must fill in with the
actual VHDL description.

The  real  advantage  is  the ability to take a VHDL description,  and
automagically  (using   the   FPGA   to PCB wizard) have it create the
complete fpga's schematic sheet,  label the  schematic sheet with  all of the net
symbols (based on the VHDL entity description),     add   all  of the off
sheet  ports  required,   wire up the  fpga's  pins/ports,   and  to  manage
any future I/O pin changes as the fpga (or PCB) development matures,  and pass
pin changes down to the PCB.


slbsc> We have DXP with all of the options except IP processors, including fpga
slbsc> support, but no Nanoboard.  My need is to build simple logic block
slbsc> replacement fpgas, and insert them into pcb designs.  The current fpga is
slbsc> an Altera EPM3128A.

slbsc> Made it through the schematic and pcb phases, including a schematic of the
slbsc> fpga functions.

slbsc> I was under the impression that at this point DXP would use the fpga
slbsc> schematic to generate a VHDL file that I could compile with the appropriate
slbsc> Altera software.  When I go to Tools>Convert>Generate VHDL From Part,
slbsc> andclick on thefpga symbol in the schematic, it generates a VHDL file with
slbsc> only entries for the control signal pins.

slbsc> My call to phone support ended with the explanation that the user is
slbsc> supposed to fill in the details of the logic in this VHDL file and compile
slbsc> it manually.

slbsc> The examples in the manual (using the Nanoboard) certainly indicate that
slbsc> there is some sort of automatic file and compilation going on.  Am I
slbsc> missing more than just the physical Nanoboard, like additional software?

slbsc> If DXP won't generate the VHDL file from the fpga schematic, what is the
slbsc> point of generating it in the first place?  It seems that I could just
slbsc> start with the Altera software.

slbsc> Any help would be seriously appreciated.

slbsc> Stan

slbsc> L-Band Systems

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