'Feng Xiao' via Protocol Buffers wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Can you help send a patch for this issue to https://codereview.appspot.com/
> (and add me as a reviewer)? We'll commit it to svn once it's reviewed. I
> also pinged stanis...@ochotnicky.com
> <https://code.google.com/u/110106420545796050291/> who provided a patch for
> this issue some time ago. Not sure if he is still around. Are you both
> Debian/Red Hat maintainers?

Hi, Feng Xiao:

Yes, I am the protobuf package maintainer for the Debian project.

Here is the patch that I applied against protobuf 2.5.0 for Debian:


It is based on Stanislav Ochotnicky's patch.  Feel free to import it
into your code review system.

Note that this patch is probably not directly suitable as-is for
inclusion in the protobuf mainline.

Robert Edmonds

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