On Feb 18, 2:01 pm, Marius Feraru <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Exactly. I'm on your side and I guess many more are using their own
> Prototype tweaks. Just keep your development bench up-to-date (synchronized
> with the current trunk [1]), update your tweaks and, whenever you think you
> found something worthy for submitting upstream, do it ;-)
> Oh, and, OFC, get your flame coat on and prepare for debating :))

I'd like to echo this. If either of you have performance tweaks that
would have general appeal (i.e., you're not just taking shortcuts to
cut out functionality your web app doesn't need), then please submit
patches or talk about specific optimizations on this list, just like
we're doing now.

> Same thing here. I understand Prototype Core Team's bias towards Ruby/RoR
> and I don't mind it, as long as Prototype still works as expected, even if
> no Ruby bytes are present ;-)

Actually, I think the formation of Prototype Core is a step away from
Ruby "bias," for lack of a better term. Prototype has always stood on
its own, able to be used outside of Ruby on Rails, but I think the new
team members bring a more diverse perspective on how Prototype can be
used.  I, for instance, have done my fair share of Rails work, but the
vast majority of JavaScript I've written (using Prototype as a
"platform") has been intended for use outside of Rails.

It also helps that several of the highest-profile users of Prototype
(digg, for instance) aren't even using Rails.


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