I agree with everything Mislav said and would adopt that syntax in a

My only concern is with the signature of Class.create and
Class.extend. I feel like having instance methods and class methods in
adjacent arguments can hurt the readability of the code. If you're
skimming a file you might miss the closing of one object literal and
the opening of another -- thus missing the transition from instance
methods to class methods. Then again, there are ways around that;
perhaps it's up to the individual developer to solve that problem.

On Jun 25, 9:48 am, "Mislav Marohnić" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> You can't achieve this in JavaScript. Simply let it go.

I agree. Trying to emulate keywords with methods is hard enough;
trying to emulate them with magic property names is even harder. It
will lead to despair. Let's focus on solving the 80% problem in this
release; if we need to add bells and whistles later on, we can, but if
we put them in now we won't be able to remove them later.


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