Mislav Marohnic' wrote:
> On 6/25/07, *Andrew Dupont* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
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>     Perhaps someone could volunteer to convert a piece of Scriptaculous or
>     Rico just for illustration purposes?
> Stuff in Prototype that benefits from inheritance:
> TimedObserver, PeriodicalExecuter, Form.Observer, 
> Form.Element.Observer, Form.EventObserver
> "Observer" class from event.js in the "event" branch
> Ajax.Request, Ajax.Updater, Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater and maybe other 
> (new) Ajax stuff
Yah, those use _inheritance_, but how much would they benefit from this 
new advanced inheritance?  How many of those methods would be 
shorter/more maintainable/more extensible by accessing this.$super et al?

Browsing those functions, I don't see much if any opportunities for 
improvement on those class methods.  Looking closely at the Ajax 
classes, for example, I see only one method (Ajax.Updater.initialize) 
that is actually superseding a parent method.  See below.

Aren't all the new OO patterns we are discussing dependent on child 
methods that supersede parent methods?  Maybe I'm mistaken.

I think that even just talking generally about how classes and functions 
would be rewritten would be helpful to assessing real-world value.


var Ajax = {
  getTransport: function() {...},
  activeRequestCount: 0

Ajax.Responders = {
  responders: [],
  _each: function(iterator) {...},
  register: function(responder) {...},
  unregister: function(responder) {...},
  dispatch: function(callback, request, transport, json) {...}

Object.extend(Ajax.Responders, Enumerable);


Ajax.Base = function() {...};
Ajax.Base.prototype = {
  setOptions: function(options) {...}

Ajax.Request = Class.create();
Ajax.Request.Events = [...];

Ajax.Request.prototype = Object.extend(new Ajax.Base(), {
  _complete: false,
  initialize: function(url, options) {...},
  request: function(url) {...},
  onStateChange: function() {...},
  setRequestHeaders: function() {...},
  success: function() {...},
  respondToReadyState: function(readyState) {...},
  getHeader: function(name) {...},
  evalJSON: function() {...},
  evalResponse: function() {...},
  dispatchException: function(exception) {...}

Ajax.Updater = Class.create();

Ajax.Request.prototype), {
  **initialize: function(container, url, options) {...},
  updateContent: function() {...}

Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater = Class.create();
Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater.prototype = Object.extend(new Ajax.Base(), {
  initialize: function(container, url, options) {...},
  start: function() {...},
  stop: function() {...},
  updateComplete: function(request) {...},
  onTimerEvent: function() {...}

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