Mislav Marohnic' wrote:
> ...
> In conclusion, my philosophy is:
>     * no magic properties except "initialize"
>     * keep the inheritance support code simple and short , otherwise
>       it makes no sense in having it
>     * leave room for users to make their own additions to the
>       inheritance support code
>     * no dollar-signs and underscores because they indicate bad design
>       (exceptions from this rule are $super/$parent)
>     * don't try to make defining of classes look like you're writing
>       Ruby, it simply won't work.
This is EXACTLY how I feel--your whole post.  Much better than I could 
say it.  As far as the superchaining property, I like (1) $super, (2) 

+1 for simple and short support for inheritance in Prototype

I'd also like to throw in the idea that we need to prove the final 
OO-design decisions with use cases.  We can write animal-sounds code all 
day long, but JavaScript is such a unique language, I think we ought to 
prove the design by creating some actual web-app Widgets that become 
quicker to write and become more maintainable and extensible by using OO 

The need for advanced OO JavaScript is such an edge case right now--I 
think we need to prove its real-world value.

--Ken Snyder

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