On Jun 25, 1:07 pm, Tobie Langel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It's unfotunately impossible to make a
> constructor for constructors in JS. So Class isn't a constructor here.

Actually, it is possible. See the code below:

var Class = function(classDef) {
    // this = function() { } // throws error - assigning to 'this' not
allowed (not to mention it would be very ugly)

    var theConstructor = function() {
        this.initialize.apply(this, arguments);

    // add classDef to the definition of the class (add all elements
of classDef to 'this')
    Object.extend(theConstructor.prototype, classDef);

    // returning class object constructron, instead of Class object
    return theConstructor;    // * THE HACK *

// creating the Animal class - the Class object called Animal
var Animal = new Class({
    initialize: function() {
        document.write('I am the initializer of Animal object<br />');
    prop1: 'foo',
    say: function() {
        document.write('say(): I am the instance method of the Animal
class<br />');
// Animal class - class methods (static methods)
Object.extend(Animal, {
        say: function() {
                document.write('say(): I am the class method of the Animal 
class<br /

// creating the Animal object
var my_pet = new Animal();

The secret is the line marked as * HACK *.
I know, this hack isn't very pretty, but it works in all browsers, I
tested (FF, IE6, Opera9, Safari3beta3.0.2). I've checked on
Windows only. Ergo - it IS possible for constructor, to return the
constructor :-)

Full working example:

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