Pretty funny I actually ended up needing this very feature two days

Anyway, working on a patch for it.

Jeff, Ryan: could you give me a use case for the scoped prefixes ? My
intial thought is to think they're overkill / too specific... but I
don't mind being prooved wrong.

I'm also concerned about naming the method adequately. Sam suggested
Element#denominate which looks nicer than (generate|assign)Id but
which I fear could be confused with setting the "name" attribute. The
only other option I came up with is Element#identify. Thoughts on this
issue ?

Also, I'm wondering whether the method should return the element - for
chaining purposes and to follow the general pattern of the other DOM
methods - or the generated id itself, which IMHO would proove more
useful here. Again, what are your thoughts ?

Thanks for your valuable input,


On Jul 14, 2:32 pm, Tobie Langel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm failing to see what advantage it has over directly storing a
> reference to the element like so:
> this.myElement = $(e);
> ...
> var e = this.myElement;
> Regards,
> Tobie

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