What features are the authors considering in upcoming releases?  Or is 
public discussion of the Prototype/SAU roadmap limited due to factors 
such as competition with other frameworks?

Based on hints dropped in the lists, I can make a few guesses:

- Expand Prototype custom events to fire callbacks for Element methods 
such as update, setStyle, remove, replace, insert, wrap, writeAttribute, 
addClassName, removeClassName, scrollTo, etc.
- Add support for callback registration and multiple callbacks for SAU 
Effect events
- Streamline SAU Effects to all use Effect#Morph
- Add Prototype support for onmouseenter and onmouseleave
- Add intuitive Prototype methods for checkbox- and radio-group form 
elements (e.g. a method to get the value of the currently checked 
item(s) in based on a group name)

Can you confirm these and give us some insight?

Ken Snyder

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