I periodically share Michael's feelings as well.  For me, those concerns 
would be eliminated if the authors did two things:
1. Publicly disclosed the enhancements they were /considering/ (not 
necessarily a formal roadmap)
2. Set up a thriving community for "official" and unofficial plugins

For example, I wouldn't mind at all if support for the 
mouseenter/mouseleave/mousewheel events were released as a tested and 
endorsed plugin.  Then those who were interested could use something 
they knew would work with current and future versions.

I find it unsatisfying that Prototype is used by so many developers 
worldwide including Rails and many major companies, yet finding good 
scripts is a Google hit-and-miss affair.

I know that months ago the authors created a private built-on-prototype 
list, but it either died or I got kicked off :)  Did that idea get killed?

- Pot-Stirrer Ken

Michael Peters wrote:
> Mislav Marohnić wrote:
>> On Jan 7, 2008 9:25 PM, Ken Snyder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
>> Some ideas
>> are shared with the community while some are kept private for further
>> discussions among core members. 
> Why the secrecy? This is an open source project after all.
>> So, the reason we don't share the exact
>> roadmap to Prototype 2.0 with the public is because even we don't know
>> the roadmap yet, and we don't want to set expectations and then break them.
> Sounds an awful lot like the IE team's arguments about why they are so 
> secretive
> with IE development. If you want me to invest my projects, my development time
> and that of my team (if I'm the decision maker) into prototype/SAU then why 
> not
> give me the information and confidence that I need to make that decision.
> I understand not wanting to disappoint, but if you're open about the plans as
> well as the reasons for failure/delay I'm pretty sure the community will 
> forgive
> you.

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