Mislav Marohnić wrote:
> ...
>     - Add Prototype support for onmouseenter and onmouseleave
> This is definitely useful to the majority of users. We are still 
> discussing if it's going to become core and in which version. 
> Meanwhile, read the very insightful article by Andrew about why 
> throwing the support for those events out was really a good idea (we 
> had the working implementations far before the 1.6 release): 
> http://andrewdupont.net/2007/11/07/pseudo-custom-events-in-prototype-16/
> (The key is revisiting the same problem with another approach, and 
> finally picking the best one)
> ...
I may not completely understand Andrew's argument, but I think the big 
counter argument is that most other frameworks already support these 
events. And with 10 lines extra for mouseenter/mouseleave and 20 lines 
extra for mousewheel, I'm not seeing the slippery slope to bloated code. 
Furthermore, it seems that browsers are slowly converging on standards 
compliance (although mouseenter/mouseleave has not been proposed as a 
standard afaik) which will eventually simplify or remove the extra code 
for these events.

- Ken

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