I was wondering what specific plans y'all have for growing the
community? I've ready as much as I can about this, but it's all a bit
vague, and lacking in concrete time lines and milestones.

- http://prototypejs.org/2008/10/7/growing-the-community
- http://prototypejs.org/2008/10/7/want-your-code-pimped
- And the blogs of the various core team members

I'm asking because ***I'd like to help get this all moving in any way
I can***. I like using Prototype a lot, but the barrier of entry for
other non-experienced users feels quite high. Obviously, putting some
focus on how the framework is presented to the community would greatly
reduce this barrier.

So, what concrete steps can I help with? Some of the things that I'd
like to see are:

- Make the documentation searchable
- Implement developer input within the api documentation website
- Add user-submitted code feature, much like Plugins. I know we've got
Scripteka, but there really should be something *tied to the prototype
- Bring all of the various Prototype resources under a single roof:
forums, extensions, "plugins", scripty, UI, etc
- Add a section devoted to 3rd-party Prototype education: links to hi-
quality Prototype-centric blogs, links to and snippets from Prototype/
Scripty books, etc.

On a side note -- please don't take this all as an affront, finger
pointing, or anything like that. As an avid developer who using
Prototype every day and values the wonderful coding practices it
encourages, I want to help it continue to succeed. I'd like to help
Prototype on its way rather than expect you to all do the work. If
there is some master plan that is already in the works, I'd be happy
to help with that as well.

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