Don't get me wrong but PUI is more likely an undead atm.

I've been trying to get in contact with xilinus since last august and I
finally decided to try to push things up with starpeak:  added a Datagrid,
fixed some issues made a spec for a decent release
but never had any feedback and starpeak seems a bit busy atm.

2009/1/15 Yanick <>

> On Jan 15, 2:28 am, Dan <> wrote:
> > [snip]
> > So, what concrete steps can I help with? Some of the things that I'd
> > like to see are:
> >
> > - Make the documentation searchable
> > - Implement developer input within the api documentation website
> > - Add user-submitted code feature, much like Plugins. I know we've got
> > Scripteka, but there really should be something *tied to the prototype
> > site*.
> This could be a good idea actually. There are examples already, but
> the PHP API has the user comments too and it's really something great
> when searching for specific problems (even with Google). This could
> attrack more people into using the library (*grin*). Of course, since
> there can be _many_ bad user comments, there should be a validation
> system. I would suggest that users should request a membership instead
> of just anyone posting, and post should be submitted for approval. (I
> would register in such system)
> As for the tutorial, readmap and such to help new comers to get
> involved and learn about the best practices and all, there's always
> the prototype irc channel on freenode, and the the other user group
> (spinoff), and the LinkedIn / Facebook groups... If one user wants to
> write his own learning tutorial, no one is keeping him to do so, but I
> don't think that this falls into the hands of the core development.
> > - Bring all of the various Prototype resources under a single roof:
> > forums, extensions, "plugins", scripty, UI, etc
> There is Prototype UI that needs support, they have their own website
> and IRC channel, and all. But this project is and should not be
> dependant of these, IMHO.
> > - Add a section devoted to 3rd-party Prototype education: links to hi-
> > quality Prototype-centric blogs, links to and snippets from Prototype/
> > Scripty books, etc.
> >
> > [snip]
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Dan
> >

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