Its the main reason I signed upto the two google groups. ( got to say
its quite exciting in these groups )

Back to the community notion.

How do we write tests?
Do we have a list of the core members blogs, I wouldnt mind having a

What more should ( if anything more ) be in the core? ( probably a big
question )

The one thing I think I would like about jquery if I ever jumped ship
is the whole plugin section.

Do we have guidelines for how to make a plugin?
Maybe this links in a little to "How do we write tests"

My last comment is "Can we please avoid a wiki approach. ( If that was
even being considered )."

I hope I can help as time goes by.

Also on the topic of plugins

Those who know php and like some of the functions, maybe we can port
some of the php functions to prototype plugins using the knowledge
from the site below.

They seem to be starting a new site devoted to it -

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