2008/11/5 Alex Mcauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> can you re-post your full sourcecode for the funciton and the elements that
> it produces and the elements you want to observe .. i will edit it for you
> and put in some debugging for you

So the javascript function (with your slight change) is:

Event.observe(window,'load',function() {
    new Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater('dticketlist','data/fetchliveticketview.php',{
        onSuccess:function(e) {
            $$('li.clickinc').invoke('observe','click',function(evt) {
                var elm;
                var id;
                elm = evt.element();
                id = elm.id || '(no id)';
                $('dmain').update('Updated text after clicking on '+id);

The relevant part of the main HTML page is:

<div id='dticketlist'>Loading...</div>
<div id='dmain'></div>

data/fetchliveticketview.php returns something like:

<h6>Your Live Tickets</h6>
 <li id='M794751' class='clickinc'>M794751</li>
 <li id='M784800' class='clickinc'>M784800</li>
 <li id='M796555' class='clickinc'>M796555</li>
 <li id='M791122' class='clickinc'>M791122</li>
 <li id='M757562' class='clickinc'>M757562</li>
 <li id='M747790' class='clickinc'>M747790</li>
<p>at 11:58:02</p>

James Hoddinott

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