2008/11/5 Alex Mcauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I've made some comments and put in some debugging ... you should get an
> alert when you click an <li> now .. with the id ..

So the function now looks like:

Event.observe(window,'load',function() {
    var req = new
        onSuccess:function(e) {
            $$('li.clickinc').invoke('observe','click',function(evt) {
                alert('This: '+this.id+' Was clicked');
                $('dmain').update('Updated text after clicking on '+this.id);
    req = null;

but still no joy, most odd and annoying. Perhaps I need to try and
understand the debugger in Firebug so as to understand what is (or
isn't) happening at that point.

> I've commented where the `this` scope changes for you .. to help you
> understand whats being done

Thanks, its starting to make sense...

> I've also removed some unnessesary vars ..
> Also its good practise (i recently discovered) to assign objects to a var
> then null the var afterwards as it frees up alo of memory in firefox at
> least (it saved me 40% or more) when i nulled the object ...

This seems like a pretty useful tip!

James Hoddinott

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