2008/11/5 Alex Mcauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> does firebug report any error at all ...

Not a thing.

> you could also try to evalJs in the options and put the invoke inside the
> serverside script to see if its being fired there or not

Yes I tried this but still no joy. By adding an alert() to the
onSuccess function I was able to see that the function does get called
but I think it still stalls on the invoke line.

I have now just noticed this in the documentation for PeriodicalUpdater:

 "Ajax.PeriodicalUpdater is not a specialization of Ajax.Updater,
  despite its name. When using it, do not expect to be able to use
  methods normally provided by Ajax.Request and "inherited" by
  Ajax.Updater, such as evalJSON or getHeader. Also the onComplete
  callback is hijacked to be used for update management, so if you
  wish to be notified of every successful request, use onSuccess
  instead (beware: it will get called before the update is

which, if I'm not mistaken, would suggest the root of my problem,
namely that the 'li.clickinc' elements just aren't available to be
observed at the time. So I thought I'd run the same thing through an
Ajax.Updater call but that also didn't work.

James Hoddinott

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