I have a hard time connecting your js with a database. Could you give
an example of what I should write there?

On May 31, 8:22 pm, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> I took another run up this hill, and got quite a bit further than the  
> last time.
> http://jsbin.com/itanu
> This is quite a lot of extra code to overcome what Sortable believes  
> you mean by dragging from one list to another in the same containment  
> group. In order to make it possible to duplicate the same original  
> element into the "cloned" list over and over, I had to figure out a  
> way to put that dragged element back in the originals list so it could  
> be used again. Revert doesn't seem to work the way it does with  
> Draggables, and in order to show the "place" where the dragged  
> original would land in the cloned list, I had to turn ghosting off.
> I would welcome any "pimping" this code could get, and also would love  
> to know how to get rid of the global variables I ended up using to  
> pass a message from onChange to onUpdate within one Sortable. You  
> would think that you could add an internal variable to the object, but  
> I couldn't figure out how to do that.
> Walter
> On May 28, 2009, at 12:58 PM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:
> > n my work, I found that while you could drop a draggable onto a
> > sortable, you couldn't get the dropped element to join the sortable
> > explicitly. I took a run up this mountain a couple of months ago, and
> > the best I was able to do was to make a set of draggables, wrap the
> > sortable in a parent which I made droppable, and set revert to true on
> > those draggables. On a successful drop, I would generate a new
> > element, insert it into the sortable, re-initialize the sortable, and
> > then the user would need to drag the new element into position within
> > the list.
> > What WLQ would like (what I would like, too) is something more direct.
> > A set of draggable options that can be dragged into a sortable, revert
> > back to their parent, and leave a clone behind in the position within
> > the list where they were dropped. This is not possible as far as I've
> > been able to do it.
> > Getting the unique ID either from Prototype or MySQL is trivial, and
> > not really the actual problem here.
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