So just as a recap, you're looking to simulate the ctrl + mouse wheel
event such that the native processing for zoom magnification applies?

> This is a highly useful feature, I would love to add some "widgets"
> type icons (magnifier glasses with a + and -) on my site that allows
> people to rescale the document image using it. It would very intuitive
> (just click the +magnifier icon to make it bigger and visa versa).

So really you want a control on your page that increases font size?

My approach would be to design everything I want to be scalable using
the "em" unit so that everything is relative.  Set a modest em level
at the body level such that everything else is relative to this
value.  Then the control simply modifies the value for this to
propagate the zoom in/out effect.


On Oct 8, 12:16 pm, tcupolo <> wrote:
> @Radoslav,
> I took some time today to look through your patch. It would make this
> function very easy to implement.
> It would take the form of a "keypress" event with ctrlkey=true and the
> necessary keyCode and charCode values.
> What is it's status? Will it make it into a future version of
> Prototype anytime soon?
> If not, what is the recommended way of using a patch like this? (I
> assume including it as a seperate js file on each page override the
> original function definition of "fire", but that's not completely
> clear.)
> It took a little time for me to realize but I think it's the best way
> to go for a cross-browser compatible ZOOM solution.
> Thanks for the reply.
> On Oct 1, 7:47 am, Radoslav Stankov <> wrote:
> > A time ago I have created ticket and a patch for making to
> > fire event 
> > (
> > )
> > Here is a git for
> > I hope it's useful
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