Quoting Jorge Barreiro (yortx.ba...@gmail.com):
> Hello,
> I'm a galician debian user and I've seen your announcement about languages in 
> danger of been dropped from D-I. I'd like to see Galician D-I support in 
> Squeeze again, so I'm stepping in.
> I'm a software developer, but this is the first time I try to contribute to a 
> project as a translator.
> Is there a kind of "galician translators group" so I can get in touch with 
> them? (I couldn't find any in your links).
> I've just read http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/ Are there any other 
> instructions I should read, or should I just send you the updated .po files?
> Thank you.

Hello Jorge,

Marce Villarino took over Galician translations of D-I, when Jacobo
Tarrio, who maintained it for years, resigned from Debian.

Marce did a great job, but apparently reduced his work in the recent

So, what I propose to avoid gl being in danger is that you try
completing the "sublevel 1 and 2" while we try to get news from

So, yes, send me updated files, at minimum for sublevels 1 and
2. Temporarily, I'll commit them....and we'll examine the situation.

About translation group, the contact I know about is the Trasno
project, which is listed in "Translation-Team" in Marce's PO
files....CC'ing the team, in the hope that this address is working and
isn't a mailing list restricted to subscribers only...

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