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2) Language customisations - Virtaal can adapt tests based on the target
language, quotes, end punctuation, etc.

Cona, que se poida empregar o pology aquí (Dwayne e Chusslove coñécense vía internet polo menos).

3) Machine Translation - we cover Google (now pay only), Microsoft,
Apertium, Moses are there any public server covering Spanish languages
that should be included

http://sli.uvigo.es/tradutor/ e o opentrad en xeral.

4) Terminology - AutoTerm delivers custom terminology to any Virtaal
user, are all the languages covered

Pasaille ligazóns aos pfc que hai por aí.

5) Web lookups - select a word and Right Click and you have some custom
lookups.  Are the dictionary and terminology lookups that we should add
for Spanish?

Wordreference, digalego, estraviz, ... anda que non hai ligazóns (ou había)

If you know of any we should add please do the following:
1) If you know how change the code and post the patch to a bug


2) If you can't code, gather as much info as possible and post it to a bug.

And the above goes for any language

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