O Martes, 15 de Xuño de 2010 ás 20:28:24 Christian Perrier escribiu:
> Quoting mvillarino (mvillarino en gmail.com):
> > Sure, pls check www.trasno.net (recently updated, and short of
> > experienced sysadmins, so some services like pootle are not working
> > properly yet).
> >
> > > Marce did a great job, but apparently reduced his work in the recent
> > > months.
> >
> > Yes, exactly six months and four days ago. Now the feeding bottle and
> > diapers are my only spare time hobby ;-) . Nevertheless, some day in
> > the future, when Brandan and Aroa become able of eating, moving,
> > playing and some other thing for themselves, I hope I wil be back to
> > work.
> > I expect this to hapen in some 17 years, 5 months and 26 days from now
> > :-D
> Tst tst tst....I am the (still) living proof that children and free
> software involvment are fully compatible. I installed my first Linux
> system in October 1992, so 7 months after the birth of my 3rd child.
> My good old friend Bdale Garbee is the father of two "kids" aged 18
> and about 11 or 12 and has been one of the most involved FLOSS
> supporters over the last 15 years. No incompatibility, then..:-)
> Of course, from what I understand from the above, you got twins, so a
> reduction of your involvment is logical..:-)
> If my advice is important in some way, I'd suggest keeping some
> involvment, Marce. Of course much lower, but the great work you did by
> keeping up with the Galician localization (after Jacobo's tremendous
> work, previously) deserves you to keep some attention to it...even if
> other folks get involved.
> Anyway, Jorge, if you're ready to take this over, along with the
> Trasno group, I would be delighted to grant you commit access to D-I
> SVN, of course!
> Keep me posted...

Thank you for your help. I'll talk with the people at Trasno and I hope to get 
back to you soon with some results.

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