Just as an FYI, I checked the rules for the BALLS launch regarding the use of a kerosene - nitrous oxide rocket motor after our discussion on Tuesday:

"...Liquid Engines MUST request written approval from the Tripoli Board of Directors."

They don't say they are illegal, but rather hint that there is probably a lengthy process to getting them approved. I thought I had read that before, but there it is.

From the Tripoli site:
Tripoli Research Safety Code
January 2009
5.2. Liquid Rocket Motors
With the exception of nitrous-oxide hybrid rocket motors, liquid rocket motors are prohibited at Tripoli Research Launches. BOD approval may be given for very well documented liquid motor projects.

We may get in by doing a well engineered and tested design. Considering the the ISP is better than hybrids, and it easily lends itself to vectored thrust as a sustainer engine, I may look into this some time next year.

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