Bdale's right about there not really being any need for us to adhere to
Amateur DTV or any other digital TV specs.  I tend to look too far into the
future toward an orbiter that broadcasts video that amateurs could receive.
Obviously anything available now will be horribly archaic by then :-)

I am no fan of digital video compression for several reasons.  I won't go
into it here other than to say that IMHO video compression is horribly lossy
(re: our latest launch video) and that compression efficiency goes way down
with detailed images that change rapidly over time -- like the view from a
rocket that spins and looks at clouds and sagebrush.


(I'm biased -- many years ago I had the good fortune to see Japan's analog
HDTV at the Sony building in Tokyo.  Obviously this was a best case
scenario, but it was beautiful -- far, far better in all respects than
American Digital HDTV -- a high bandwidth, but well worth it.)

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