> We've been assured by skytraq that they treat the ITAR limits as AND, not
> OR. So, that chip should 'just work', aside from issues of kalman filter
> lag.

Thanks Keith.

Now that I'm on the aRocket l can read the thread (but it's kind of
long). Interesting snips here:

> if you succeed and write up the experience for the benefit of others, I’ll 
> donate $5k to your project.

I am not going to bankroll any attempt, because I don’t expect you to
succeed.  Offering cash for a task that seems trivial (successful
100,000’ flight) compared to the primary task being discussed (two
stage rockoon flight to 400 miles, not to mention orbit) and watching
it go unclaimed is a demonstration that the primary task being
discussed was wildly unrealistic.  I live in a bit of a glass house
here -- everyone involved in the X-Prize except Scaled were wildly
unrealistic, including Armadillo.

I don’t think it is a noble effort to make grandiose plans and
squander resources on a project with an infinitesimal chance of
success.  In the abstract, it is good for the “gene pool” to have some
of those long shot attempts, but I feel sorry for the concrete
examples I see.  I don’t want you to have spent your $160k and time on
something that turns out to be a complete failure.

The bottom line is that you aren’t going to put something in orbit if
you aren’t a millionaire, and you should just get over it.  Getting
something to space (100km) is a much more credible goal for an amateur
effort, and still highly (but not wildly) optimistic with funding at
this level.

I would be happy to see more discussion on aRocket of practical issues
with high altitude flights, even well below 100km.  It is clearly
still far from routine, and there is much to learn.

John Carmack

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 2:03 PM, Keith Packard <kei...@keithp.com> wrote:

> On Mon, 28 Feb 2011 13:53:51 -0800, Nathan Bergey <nat...@psas.pdx.edu>
> wrote:
> > Yes, I think the main goal is to get people to think about GPS on
> rockets.
> >  Even if we don't make an attempt this should be fun to watch.
> >
> > More (selfishly) importantly I've been invited on the Evadot podcast
> > tomorrow morning to be an "expert" pundit of sorts about the contest and
> > what is hard about it, what's easy, etc.
> >
> > Anyone have thoughts about it? Is it a good idea? Is it easy? How long
> will
> > it take for someone to win? Hopefully I have my facts straight about GPS
> > (yes I know about the ITAR or vs and in the cutoff
> > conditions). Anything else relevant? Why not just fly and OEM board?
> We've been assured by skytraq that they treat the ITAR limits as AND,
> not OR. So, that chip should 'just work', aside from issues of kalman
> filter lag.
> --
> keith.pack...@intel.com
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