Hi everyone,

This is in relation to the recent bylaws change[1].

Betsy and I are starting the working group for PSF Sponsors. The initial
goal of this WG will be to review the PSF sponsorship applications that
come in. The review process will include discussion via the mailing list
and the voting process will also take place on the mailing list.

Betsy will be the chair of the WG and we are in need of a co-chair and a
few more voting members. If anyone is interested in participating in this
working group, please send a brief intro about yourself to

Here is the draft wiki page and charter:
https://wiki.python.org/psf/SponsorWG. This has not yet been approved by
the board, but we need enough voting members first to bring this to the

Please note: today Betsy and I are flying out to Portland to PyCon so we
will not be able to respond immediately.

*[1] the board has just approved an amendment of the PSF bylaws to*

*remove the sponsor membership category. From now on, we willjust have
sponsors and no longer need to vote them in, hopefullymaking it much easier
to sign up new sponsors. The next step iscreating a sponsors WG to take
over sponsor management.Here's the official resolution:- RESOLVED, that the
Python Software Foundation amend the PSF bylaws to   remove the Sponsor
Membership category. All changes made by the   Bylaws WG are listed
 Approved 11-0-0 via email vote 25 May 2016and these are the updated

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